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Where do we meet?

The meeting place for all walks (from April 2011 onwards) is the car park adjoining the Council Offices in Glenurquhart road, Inverness.  In most instances members share cars to travel to the start of walks and, because parking is often limited, a minimum number of cars should be used. It is customary for passengers to make a contribution to driver’s costs.  For the average car, this would amount to approximately 20 pence per mile, divided between the number of passengers in the car. Occasionally we use private coaches or car shuttles to allow more flexibility in regard to start and end points of the walks.

Anyone who plans to go straight to the grid reference start point, MUST let the Walk Leader know beforehand.

How safe are the walks?
Safety is always our first consideration and new members are requested not to attempt walks outwith their capabilities. When signing the Register at the beginning of the walk, you should give a contact telephone number, not necessarily your own. It should be noted that the Ramblers’ Association and its agents take no responsibility for any loss or injury incurred during their activities.

What happens if there is bad weather?
In cases of inclement weather, the decision whether to proceed on a walk or not will be made by the Leader. If necessary and possible, alternative walks will be arranged but it must be appreciated that such changes are made and arranged at very short notice.

What should I wear?
You are advised to be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions irrespective of the time of year. Boots are advisable for the majority of walks. Waterproof jackets and trousers are essential in winter and are much more comfortable if they are made of breathable material.  Several light layers of clothing are better than one heavy one as they allow more flexibility. Trousers of modern synthetic materials are ideal.  Avoid jeans. Keep a hat and gloves in your rucksack, preferably waterproof and, particularly in snow, dark glasses.

Can I get any discounts on clothing?
Discounts on purchases are available to RA members on presentation of an RA membership card. Both Millets and Blacks offer a 10% discount and Tiso have Club Discount Nights when various discounts are offered; these evenings are advertised in the Club Walks’ Programme booklet.

Do I need to bring food and drink?
It is advisable to have a hot drink and adequate food, especially on winter walks. In summer, it is important to have sufficient water to prevent dehydration.

Can I bring my dog along?
Dogs under proper control will be welcome provided they do not cause a nuisance to livestock, wildlife or other walkers. It is important that dogs are kept on a leash at all times. Dogs should not be allowed to run through the legs of other walkers and they should be kept away from other walkers at refreshment breaks.

Owners should arrange to transport their dogs in their own cars. There may be some walks where dogs are disallowed but, generally, there will be warning of any such restriction in the walks’ programme.

Who decides where we’re going?
The Group’s Walks Convenor, assisted by Walks Leaders, arranges the walks programmes. The leaders put considerable effort into planning, pre-walking and organising their walks. The leader’s decision will be final on all matters concerning their walks. Please do nothing to undermine their authority and, in particular, if you have any comment to make regarding the conduct of the walk, do so in private. It is the responsibility of each Walk Leader to appoint a back marker and collect and carry a First Aid kit. Both Leader and Backmarker should carry first aid kits.

New walk leaders are always welcome and anyone who wishes to lead a walk or to suggest a new walk should speak to the Walks Convenor. New walk leaders who would like a buddy to help them with their first few walks may make this arrangement through the Walks Convenor.

How are the walks graded?
Please note that these are the gradings the Inverness Group uses on its posters and on the walks programmes that goes out to members. The gradings on the RA Walks Finders database use a nationwide system intended to be meaningful to people from other parts of Britain.

The description of each walk in the programme includes the approximate distance and total height gain. A grade, A, B or C, is assigned to guide members as to the difficulty the intended route may present. Definitions of the grade parameters used follows below:

C/C+   Walks of the least difficulty, not more than 10 miles distance OR 1000 feet
B/B+   Walks more difficult than C/C+ walks and not exceeding 15 miles distance
2500 feet ascent.
A            Walks more difficult than B/B+ walks and not exceeding 18 miles distance
4000 feet ascent.
A+       Walks more difficult than A walks.

The + suffix indicates a walk at the upper limit of difficulty for that grade. In the limits for grades B/B+ and A there is a trade off between distance and ascent, i.e. those walks will not have distance and ascent both equal to the upper limits referred to above.
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